Live Drawing Results

Last week’s Monster Drawing Rally was really fun and a great benefit event for Southern Exposure. John Casey and I managed two pieces each; some pre-drawing was necessary to pull that off because of the time limit. 

One of the great things about prepping for this live-drawing stint was adapting my practice to a new medium. I typically use acrylic on panel or gouache on paper, but I didn’t want to use any wet media during a live outdoor event. So I spent a month experimenting with colored pencils and really enjoyed that experience. I think I found a good middle ground between my expectations and the medium’s characteristics. At first it felt a little like the pencils were dictating too many rules. I respect their strengths and limitations, but I hung in there repeating tests and failures until I figured out how to get the results I wanted. I think we found a happy middle ground.

We finished up as the sun fell west, so these photos were shot under varying light. But at least I remembered to get pictures before handing both over for sale.