Mushroom art

Game of Shrooms 2023

Another great day of offering art “in the wild” as part of the annual Game of Shrooms event, along with John Casey and a raft of East Bay artists posting to IG. This global hide-and-seek adventure has gotten even bigger this year, with more artists contributing in newly added countries, and an even bigger group of art-foragers searching the world for free mushroom art. There are contributors on all seven continents now, even Antarctica!

Anyone can take part in this event as an artist, anywhere in the world. And anyone can hunt for their freely distributed, but typically hidden, pieces. If you’d like to hunt for mushroom art in 2024, check out the worldwide map to see if people are leaving mushrooms in your area; I am sure there will be even more players next year.  For more information, see GoS founder Attaboy’s website.

Blue oyster mushroom painting
Blue Oyster Cult, Acrylic on paper, 7" x 5"
Mushroom painting
Twins, Acrylic on paper, 7" x 5"