Art planted in Oakland to find

Game of Shrooms 2022

Today’s international Game of Shrooms event was really fun. I left the two mushrooms above in the Jack London areas of Oakland, and both were found within 15 minutes each. I didn’t have time to go foraging myself, but it was fun to watch a whole crew of East Bay artists posting to the IG event, and all of the scavengers around Oakland, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas follow the clues to mushroom art.

Anyone can particiapte in this event as an artist, anywhere in the world. If it’s something that sounds interesting and fun, bookmark you calendar for next year and what will, I believe, be the 5th anniversary of Game of Shrooms. If you’d like to go hunting for mushroom art, check out the worldwide map to see if people are leaving mushrooms in your area.  For more information and the interactive, see GoS founder Attaboy’s website.